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At J.D. Frost Media, we pride ourselves on not only being able to offer you tax and financial services, but also Business Development services. We have experienced first-hand the hardships and struggles of taking a business to the next level. Join one of our club levels, and let our business consulting specialists go to work for you.

President's Club

President’s Club Members are the top priority amongst our client base, and as such, receive the highest level of attention and service from our staff. As a member, we will discuss your goals and assist in developing solutions for your business. We will analyze your business activity and results, and develop a framework to improve your financial well-being and outlook. This could include an in depth financial review, process improvements, quarterly tax planning, access to investment opportunities, and more.

Governor's Club

Governor’s Club Members are a high priority amongst our client base, and receive an elevated level of attention and service from our staff. As a member, we will discuss your concerns, and analyze activity to help drive your business to the desired results. This could include an annual business and personal risk assessment, semiannual tax planning, and a comparative monthly review of your business activities with possible areas for improvement.

Candidate's Club

Candidate’s Club Members are a priority amongst our traditional client base. We will address your business concerns, and discuss suggestions for improvement. This could include an annual tax planning meeting as well as quarterly consultations with firm management.

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Networking is a vital part of helping your business grow.

Social Club

Do you live in Chattanooga? Join the social club and get exclusive access to various networking events throughout town and hosted by J.D. Frost Media