J.D. Frost Media

Building the systemized process for you to become a recognized brand and a marketing machine


J.D. Frost Media helps your business create systems and processes designed to take your marketing and sales to the next level. Through traditional and digital content strategies, J.D. Frost Media uses a tailored approach to expand your audience, increase your brand’s impact and explode your revenue.


After a seven years of running J.D. Frost & Company, the leading accounting firm in Chattanooga, Jonathan found that most small businesses don’t know how to grow. In fact, they grow in spite of themselves. By helping your business implement a systematized structure around your brand, J.D. Frost Media offers powerful, effective solutions for the growth challenges you face.


  • Customer Service

  • Advocate for Others

  • Success Through Structure

  • Have a Good Attitude

  • Fitness and Health and Daily Mindset

  • Listen to Understand

  • Operate within Non-Negotiables

  • Work as a Team 

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